Crimsonian The Student News Site of Dover High School Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:38:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Traditional Thanksgiving Football Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:34:04 +0000 While everyone is sitting down around with family, stuffing their faces with food this Thanksgiving, I will be too, but I will be eating while watching NFL football. There are usually a few NFL games that are played on Thanksgiving. This year, there are three games being played, and I am looking forward to them. 


Bills v.s. Saints

The Saints and the Bills have both surprised me this year. Originally, I thought the Saints would struggle after losing quarterback Drew Brees to retirement, but they have persevered and look like they will be a playoff team. The Bills have surprised me but in a negative connotation. They have not looked sharp, at all. They lost to the Jaguars 9-6 which is really poor considering the Jaguars are one of the worst teams in the league. I think the Bills will make the playoffs, but I expect the Saints to win this game, 24-20. 


Bears v.s. Lions

As an Ohio State fan, seeing Justin Fields on the Bears was really exciting at first, but then I remembered Matt Nagy is the Bears head coach. The Bears are a team that is struggling similar to the Lions, but the Lions are THE worst team in the NFL. I seriously do not think they will win a single game with Jared Goff at quarterback. Justin Fields started to look like a serious NFL quarterback late in the game v.s. the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I think he will keep developing into a great quarterback. The Lions v.s Bears is always a Thanksgiving game, and I think this year the Bears will win, 28-17. 


Raiders v.s Cowboys 

The Raiders and Cowboys have both boomed this year. They both look like solid playoff teams, and they both have a high chance of winning their division. However, the Raiders have recently lost Henry Ruggs, their top receiver, and I think it will play a big role for the rest of their season. The Cowboys look solid on both sides of the ball, and I think that will make this game the best game of Thanksgiving this year. I expect Dak Prescott and Derek Carr to pop off and pass for at least a combined 600 yards. I think this year, the Cowboys will get it done and take the victory, 35-30.  

Does Turkey Deserve to be the Main Dish on Thanksgiving? Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:32:07 +0000 All holidays have their typical meals tied to them, but Thanksgiving stands out above them all. The whole point of the holiday is pretty much sharing food and being thankful for it, especially turkey. But is turkey even THAT good that it deserves to be thought of as the main dish? If you answered no, you’re correct. Today is the day that we all stop pretending we actually like turkey without judgment. It’s kind of dry, doesn’t have any super exciting flavor, and isn’t even visually appealing. So spread the word. 

But I know what you’re thinking, what would Thanksgiving be without a turkey?? The answer is simple: better. Better because without turkey, we don’t feel obligated to eat it which leaves room for more desirable dishes. There are countless other traditional Thanksgiving dishes that deserve the spotlight over the turkey. One of my personal favorites is mashed potatoes. There is no question that mashed potatoes should tower over turkey on Thanksgiving, yet it still brings the same Thanksgiving vibe.

Other than just a side being better than turkey, an even better option is replacing turkey all together with a whole different type of meat. For example, at Nevin’s family Thanksgiving, he says his grandma occasionally makes ribs in exchange for turkey. Genius. I bet they don’t even miss it. Similarly, Jordan’s family enjoys ham instead of turkey. These are just a couple families who finally accepted that there are better options out there and picked a main dish people actually enjoy. 

Also, not that I’ve ever made one before, but preparing a turkey correctly is an extremely time-consuming task. The bigger the turkey, the longer the cook time. For my family Thanksgiving, it takes around 5 hours in the oven. Aside from the cooking time, it also takes a fair amount of time and skill to carve a turkey. One wrong move and the turkey will be in a million pieces as opposed to slices. Sounds like too much work with little reward.  Mrs. Nottingham, DHS English teacher, agrees.  Mrs. Nottingham explains, “Making a turkey is a big pain!  First, I always forget that I need to start defrosting the turkey the week before, and then there is the disgusting task of pulling the neck and giblets out of the body cavity. UGH!!!  And finally, there are the hours of roasting and basting.  I could definitely do without the bother, especially when it doesn’t seem to be worth it.” 

On one last point, I feel like I can speak for the majority when I say there always seems to be an extreme amount of leftover turkey after Thanksgiving. On occasion, there might be leftover mashed potatoes or other sides, but it’s mostly turkey that fills my fridge for days after. It’s always the last to go because it’s the least desirable. So instead of having leftover, dry turkey in your fridge, this is your year to make the switch. Be a leader and cancel turkey.

When Should Christmas Decorations Go Up? Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:30:41 +0000 After Halloween is over, many people move into the mindset of Christmas while others want to enjoy Thanksgiving before thinking about Christmas. Normally the people that go straight into Christmas are the ones decorating right after October, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, baking Christmas cookies, and, the big one, Christmas shopping. On the flip side, those who believe in waiting to put the Christmas tree up until after all the turkey has been eaten may want to wait until exactly Black Friday to shop for any gifts, and a lot of the time will wait until the calendar strikes December first to turn the radios to holiday melodies. The reasons behind each point of view differ, but many individuals may relate to each.

After the Halloween season is over, many people transition to Christmas. Yes, there is still Thanksgiving before, but there is only really a need to celebrate Thanksgiving for that day only. There is no need to start celebrating Thanksgiving throughout November. Instead, it is a good idea to start decorating because then when one is having family over for Thanksgiving, they can celebrate with the pretty lights and decorations. It adds to the holiday cheer, and then the house would be decorated. Thanksgiving decorations are sparse anyways.. 

Many people get most excited about listening to Christmas music again. Many musical artists have started to write catchy Christmas songs that they get excited about because they sometimes release new songs during Christmas times. As it gets closer to Christmas time, many kids and families start Christmas caroling, as well as watching their favorite Christmas movies. On top of all of that, while watching the holiday movies, put a batch of cookies in the oven.

Most importantly, many stores sell out very quickly as it gets close to the holidays. People need to get on their shopping lists early, so they can get all the items and clothes they desire before they get picked over. Everyone does all of their shopping during Black Friday and right after Thanksgiving, but if you get a head start there is a good chance all of your shopping will be done before the stores get crazy busy.

On the flip side, many people have thoughts of wanting to maintain Thanksgiving as its own holiday and wait for the Christmas season to truly start. Some reasoning behind this can include having the full intention of truly celebrating what Thanksgiving stands for and not just going through the motions. Additionally, they may feel that the holiday and season of Christmas will feel more genuine when it is not thrown into the mix with another holiday. After all, each holiday does stand for two very different things.

As most people know, Thanksgiving celebrates the first harvest shared between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. However, not all Americans may deeply analyze how to relate this to present-day Thanksgiving. The amount of joy that the Pilgrims and Native Americans had over a fruitful harvest should make people double-take at all the things we take for granted. Nowadays, people are quick to protest anything and everything while during the very first Thanksgiving, those people were over the moon over an abundance of food.

So what does this have to do with Christmas decorating? Thanksgiving is a holiday designed to celebrate all of the things Americans have to be thankful for. Therefore, many may argue that when the shelves are filled with Christmas items and Santa Claus is already on the TV screens in mid-November, this contradicts the exact concept of what Thanksgiving stands for. Americans subconsciously take for granted the fact that our country allows us to freely celebrate two completely different, yet both very important holidays. 

Christmas and Thanksgiving were designed to be two different holidays, so many individuals have a valid argument to not want to group the two together. Thanksgiving is all about thankfulness, as its name suggests, and therefore some people would argue that Americans should literally be thankful for the holiday itself. A lot of people want the turkey first before any thoughts of Old Saint Nick.

In conclusion, different Americans have very different and controversial opinions in regards to when the proper time to decorate for Christmas and get into the December holiday season. Some people argue that Christmas decorations should go up before Thanksgiving because it makes the house look homey and when having people over for Thanksgiving the house should look nice. The decorations would add a special touch and why wait to start baking, shopping, and watching movies when easily someone can start that at the start of November. The decorations are also able to be up longer to enjoy them after having so much work of putting them up. Others argue that decorating should be put on hold until after Turkey Day because Thanksgiving should be represented as an extremely important holiday itself. Many think that people should show thankfulness for the opportunity to celebrate the holiday itself and not limit the joy and celebration of Thanksgiving or Christmas. The point is, whenever and however you choose to decorate, Thanksgiving and Christmas are both very happy holidays for Americans and should both be celebrated and appreciated generously.

Thanksgiving Dinner Convos Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:29:08 +0000            If your Thanksgiving dinner is anything like mine, you’d know it’s hectic. I don’t know about you but, at the Rose household, we always end up on the topic of funny memories. Different conversations go about between the adults, teens, and the little kiddos. That’s one of the good things about Thanksgiving besides the good food: you get to pick which conversation interests you the most. And if you don’t like it, there are plenty more to choose from.

           As a teen, my sisters and I talked about a lot of topics during Thanksgiving dinner. From clothing and stories of when we were younger to talking about school and sports, I think we can all agree that the kids’ table is way more interesting than the adult one. I mean who wants to talk about boring stuff. Freshman Mycah Freeman says this, “ This is very true especially coming from a teen, the kids’ table is the one to be at. You can talk about all different kinds of things, good and bad”.

          At the kids’ table, there are many different kinds of topics. More so of just talking about grand plans to fling food across the room to annoy the adults. Do you blame them? I mean you were a little squirt once too, probably planning to do much worse than throw food across the room.  You only get a choice between screaming little kids or talking ones… for me, that’s an easy question. When they get to the dessert, they go wild. Most likely trying all the other kids’ desserts to see which one they like most. Following that is a sugar rush. They run around and cause trouble and bug the older kids. The good part about a sugar rush is the sugar crash. That’s the best time the kids go silent or need a nap. Either works; I know I wouldn’t complain.

          Then next thing you know, you’re a teenager. Talking about high school and or maybe college, shopping, Tiktok, pretty much anything. You have kids on Tik Tok during dinner or talking about a funny Tik Tok they saw that made them laugh. They talk about new places to shop, where they got their clothes from, and in all honesty, they are probably online shopping as everyone is eating, talking about placing their next big order for their closet. 

          Then you get to the boring stuff with all the old people. For the mom, aunts, and grandmas they talk about their husbands, children, and then the really boring stuff about how they made all the delicious food. They sometimes even exchange recipes because you know right after Thanksgiving you’re eventually going to get tired of leftovers and want something for dinner, and you should know your mom is gonna take advantage of that. Be grateful it isn’t a crockpot meal. Like when you come home from a really long day at school and you just want some good food to eat. You walk through the door and the next thing you see is that crockpot sitting on the counter looking right at you.

           For the dads, uncles, and grandpas, they talk about sports, specifically how well they’re doing in Fantasy football. Let’s be honest, they all seem to migrate to some sort of device. A TV, computer, Ipad, anything that has access to a sports game or something interesting on TV. Occasionally,  they talk about their friends and work but if they do it’s not for a long extended period of time. They’ll make fun of each other for how bad they’re doing in fantasy football, but you have to keep an eye on them otherwise they’ll eat all the food. That’s all just based on my Thanksgivings but I bet I’m not the only one who has had similar experiences. At the end of the day, Thanksgivings are just a way to make more memories.

Epic Macy’s Day Parade Fails Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:28:11 +0000 The Macy’s day parade is a staple of Thanksgiving. It is a huge parade that is held in New York City. Humongous floats are walked down the street, people dance in the wind, and music is played reaching ears all across America. It’s truly beautiful, but that doesn’t matter because we’re here to talk about its epic fails! All those cool-looking inflatables that you were mesmerized by as a child, yeah, they’ve popped. All of those savage dance routines you’ve seen, I hate to break to you, but people have fallen down. And yes, Kermit the Frog has suffered multiple pops, rips, and punctures. All of these things are what make the parade so much fun to watch. The anticipation of not knowing what will pop next is why I look forward to the parade every year. 

   The parade suffers from multiple inflatable pops every year. Sidney Dugger, a 5th-grade student who attends Dover Avenue elementary says, “The Macy’s Day Parade is irrelevant, the only thing that keeps it interesting is the failures, and that’s on period.” I will only go over the best explosions because there are a lot. The first failure was in 1997 when intense winds picked up. The Cat in the Hat was faithfully flying in the wind when all of the sudden it struck a lamp post. The cat’s arm popped and the street lamp fell on a woman’s head. This was a huge oops; it is said to be the biggest failure in parade history. The woman did suffer from some injuries, but she survived. Not only did she survive, but her bank account did as well. The woman who was injured sued Macy’s for 395 million dollars in damages. 

Another “poppage” that occurred was in 1985 when Kermit the frog flew into a tree. Kermit suffered from a miniature rip but was able to keep going. Kermit may have survived that year, but he hadn’t seen the last of the trees. In 1991, Kermit flew into another tree, except this time, his head popped. Yes, I know, Kermit the frog suffering from a popped head is the saddest news of the century, but we’re not done. In 2002 a new and improved tree-resistant Kermit was created, but things were not the same. Those in attendance couldn’t bear the sight of a new Kermit, they missed the old one. This caused the new Kermit to be retired after being around for only two years, in order to give respect to his tragic past.

 The final rip/pop we will be discussing might just be the saddest. This one took place in the year 1997, and the victim… Barney the Dinosaur. Everything was going well for Barney; he was making his way down the parade. Nothing could go wrong, or at least he thought. Vicious winds began to pick up, and all of the sudden, Barney began to elevate. As he flew higher, the people who were holding the strings began to attempt to pull him back down. They ended up calling in more people to help pull Barney back to a normal height. This resulted in too much power, causing Barney to be yanked down so fast that he knocked over a lamp post. People began to boo Barney; the police had no other option than to rip Barney themselves. Barney was deflated, saggy, limp, and lifeless. Another one bites the dust.

The Macy’s Day Parade is notorious for having their singers lip-sync their songs as a way to prevent voice cracks from happening on live TV. In 2018 Rita Ora, not Ritz Oreos, Rita Ora, suffered from extreme embarrassment while performing her hit song “Let you Love Me”. I don’t know if it was nerves or anxiousness, but from the second Rita’s song started playing, her lips were not aligned with the lyrics. It got to a point where the cameras had to keep panning away from her face to try and hide the issue that was so prevalent. Turkeys were not the only thing getting roasted that Thanksgiving, Rita was as well. Twitter went ham on the memes, and Rita has never been heard from since. I guess you could say she needs to Ora-ange a new job interview. Anyways, those are just a few of the many Macy’s Day Parade fails that have occurred over the years. I will definitely be on the lookout for failures this year!

Give Thanks, and Take Turkeys Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:15:28 +0000      The autumn sky shines blue as the meeting’s attendees gather. The barn was empty and large, but voices filled the room. Talk of the year’s successful harvest and chitter of the week to come hushed when the first American pardoned turkey, Hamlet, reached his feathers for the gavel. He stood at a plywood podium that had a plaque that read “founding of the presidentially pardoned turkeys” and demanded that the room become attentive. 

    “Alright fellow turkeys, we gather here today to refresh our annual ongoing.”  Whoop whoops and cheers began to fill the room until Hamlet reached for the gavel and filled the space wall to wall with silence. 

  “Ah ah hemh,” Hamlet cleared his voice and started into a speech. “Our harvests this year were delightful. We work hard every year to provide our country with non-turkey side dishes.” 

   Their plan to take to the streets annually commences one week before the murderous holiday. And so, their plantings are gathered. Some turkeys lined the streets with signs and others scattered themselves among shops in hopes of inspiring keepers to cancel their turkey shipment.  When they arrived home to the farm, they reviewed their successes. 

   One of president Bush’s turkeys declared, “Mr Bilmer on the corner agreed to permanently cut down his turkey footprint.” 

   “We will be running low on our turkey replacement side dishes at the rate we were selling,” asserted a group of Nixon turkeys.  There were gobbles and cheers for their successes. But in the corner, a black shadow covered the voice of a fairly newcomer. 

   Her voice rather annoyingly croaked, “Our system is rigged entirely. We can save more turkeys if we go on the offensive.”  The turkeys squabble in confusion, and one of Barack’s turkeys questioned her. 

  “How with our feathers and scrawny yet stubby legs could we pull it off?” Barack asked.   The mystery turkey stepped from the darkness to uncover feathers tinted orange, and she began elaborating on her blueprints. By the end of the night, she had convinced every turkey in the room to execute the plan that next morning. 

   The turkeys rose with the sun that morning. Their eyes were stuck squinted, intent with retaliation. The harvest is gathered and carted from the farm, and they assumed their typical positions on a street corner that the orangish turkey said just happened to carry a truckload of turkeys by every year like clockwork. The team planned to put one turkey at every stoplight, and if it turned red the baited turkey would walk behind and around the truck as if it had escaped because if there is one thing that can certainly be counted on it is man’s greediness for one more. They waited in position for hours until the bulky truck came barreling through the street. There were two men making the delivery, the one behind the wheel had a somewhat scruffy goatee and his partner wore quite thick rimmed glasses and they were both dressed in gloomy gray jumpsuits that could not have done less for their figures.

    The first light stayed green, their first opportunity was down. The second changed from yellow to red in time for the truck to get caught, but the driver did not notice the turkey strutting around beside the driver’s seat. However, it gave them the chance to communicate with the hostages. 

   Hamlet told them their fate: “You are subject to an untimely death if you’re to stay in this truck”

   They relayed their plan, and by the time the light turned green, the turkeys in the back understood their roles. Luck would have to be on their side this day as they were down to their last stoplight. Everyone cheered when the shining red bulb slowed the truck to a stop. After a revision, the lure turkey flounced around the truck to the passenger’s window.

  The man’s eyes outgrew his face, and with a panic he hit his partner and said, “Jim, Jim, Jim, look one of em got out.” The driver with the sad facial hair just look irritated.

   “Aw mercy, how could any of those suckers escaped? Alright, let’s take this bread here and lure him back.”

   They hopped out and offered their lunches. The turkey pretended to fall into a trance keeping her eyes only on the food. Slowly the men tiptoed around to the back making sure to keep her attention. When they opened the gates and threw in the sandwiches instead of diving after the food, the turkeys stormed the open gate trampling the helpless men. 

  The turkeys paraded and skipped through the streets until they arrived at their farm. The turkeys from the truck that had only seen cramped living conditions frolic through the open fields that suddenly belonged to them. 

The Chaos of Thanksgiving Tue, 23 Nov 2021 18:40:49 +0000 Six families, and only one house. This was the sole image of Thanksgiving that Calliope had in her brain. There was no perfectly lit scene where the family cooked the turkey or baked the pies. Instead, they all gathered together in the decidedly biggest house amongst six families and attempted normalcy. But,it had not been ordinary for some time. 

    A third of the cousins had been off to college, coming back with new morals and a possible quarter-life crisis, and adults grumbled about the most petite cousins incessantly running around their legs in a game of tag. But, the forgotten group, the gaggle of middle children who were perpetually overlooked by their parents who couldn’t seem to tell the difference between the indigo sky and the verdant grass, were naturally the most chaotic. 

    Huddled in the corner of the basement, cowering away from duties as “parents,” they closed their eyes to relish in the silence of it all. 

    “Do you hear that?” Calliope’s cousin, Brooke, mused before they all sprung up, anxiety coursing through their veins at the thought of their siblings. Brooke let out a chuckle before making a flourish of her hands and grinning.

    “That’s the point! There is nothing to hear. It’s all just silence.”

    “I barely remembered what the sound of silence was… given that silence is the absence of noise.” Howie, the third oldest of the middle cousins and the most extraordinary genius of the Carrington family, drew before glancing at his AP Biology homework. 

    The rest of the clan all smirked at each other before pointing at the ancient stuffed elephant covered in greying cob-webs. Calliope, the leader of the middle children “faction,” due to her seniority above them all, gently reached over and threw the toy at his flaxen hair. A hush overtook the group before a cacophony of laughter echoed around them. 

    As the perfect object of torment, Howie gracefully extracted the webs off before flinging it at someone. Coincidentally, that person was the youngest cousin, Beatrice. The only reason she ever made it into this elite group was that she was once the youngest now turned middle child, three children later. She was ten and naturally prohibited the teen’s habitual way of speaking. 

    A piercing shriek left Beatrice’s mouth before they all stood up and sprinted for the door, not wanting to face the wrath of two exhausted parents who mostly hated their guts. They all ran for the crawlspace in the wall, the wooden “ladder” creaking with their weight before Calliope kicked it on the ground, so no one could find their spot. 

    “You do realize we have no way of getting down now, right?”

    “That’s better than Bea’s parents climbing up here. Have you seen Aunt Tabitha? The bags under her eyes are raccoon-family adjacent!” Calliope defended. 

    They all sat on their phones until a fated stomach growled, and they knew that Callie’s “brilliant” plan was not so terrific. All eyes turned to glower at Calliope, who sat in the corner, a rueful smile pulling at her lips. Then, at once, as if coordinated, they all lunged for the eldest cousin, who shrieked in terror before she glanced down at the height of her fall and risked it all. She was going to jump. Praying that all went well, she leaped and found her knees hurt a bit from impact, but that seemed to be all the damage. 

Smirking at the rest of her family, she tauntingly shook her manicured hand before turning to run. Howie’s voice rang through the basement, “You can’t leave us down here! You’ll be turning your back on family! What happened to ‘blood is thicker than water?'”

Calliope rolled her eyes before slowly taking the ladder back and shooting back, “Don’t act like you don’t run away from me in school the second you see me! I’m just nicer than all of you. Try to catch me!” She took off running and bounded up the stairs before she heard a shriek. 

Chaos. Utter chaos. That is what the second-third of cousins were all about. 

Calliope caught a mouthful of pumpkin pie in her mouth, her cashmere sweater grasping the rest of it. Her finally tamed curls were wetted in whipped cream. And, when the plate eventually fell onto the hardwoods, glass shattering, a laugh escaped her mouth. A bit of hysteria took over the girl’s body as she wiped the cream from her eyes. Her elder aunt’s and uncle’s gaped at her.

“Calliope Florence! Your aunt spent hours laboring over that-” her mother struggled with words, “-pie!”

Calliope opened her mouth and shut it as if she was of the aquatic family before she felt tears prickling at her eyes. Then, just when she was about to make a scene, her youngest cousin Oliver, Ollie for short, hugged onto her torso and squealed in delight, “Crust! My favorite!”

Howie appeared at her side, tapping her on her clean shoulder before laughter broke out amongst the crowd. The rest of the cousins all stood behind her and smirked at her. 

“It is possible,” Howie said, “That whipped cream might be thicker than blood and water combined.”

And with that, Calliope let out a chuckle before grabbing a chunk of crust and chewing on it. Then, screwing her face in disgust, Calliope gave a thumbs up to Aunt Tabitha before spitting it out into her hand. If anything was for sure, that crust was thicker and more rigid than everything combined.


Why Thanksgiving is the Worst Holiday Tue, 23 Nov 2021 18:39:17 +0000 So, Thanksgiving is one of the bigger holidays, I mean, you get time off school and usually families meet up to eat. But in my opinion, Thanksgiving is the weakest holiday. 

First of all, I’m not a big fan of big family gatherings because large groups make me nervous. I also don’t know my distant relatives very well, so it’s kind of awkward. As one of my friends put it, “It can be awkward because of seeing family members you hate.”

Secondly, I’m a super picky eater. I also don’t like trying new foods, and most of the foods at Thanksgiving dinner I haven’t tried. So, it’s not very enjoyable for me.

Third, it’s a colonizer holiday. Many people don’t even learn the horrible history of the holiday, which is

bogus. The pilgrims and the Wampanoag people had lots of bloody conflicts, unlike the wholesome sweet history most kids are taught. It just feels weird to me to celebrate colonization, especially when we, for the most part, aren’t even taught the horrible history. I asked one of my classmates to comment, and they stated, “When I learned about those colonial roots, my views on thanksgiving changed. I still enjoy spending time with my family on that day, but knowing the awful truth on what really happened makes my stomach curl whenever i hear someone toasting to ‘our forefathers.’”

Fourth, all the other holidays are just cooler. New Year’s is celebrating a new year, and usually you get to have a fun party. Easter is always enjoyable, as you usually get candy and hunting for eggs is always a fun thing. Christmas is basically Thanksgiving but with gifts and it’s Christian, like you spend time with family and get a ton of food, with the added bonus of gifts! Halloween is very fun because you get to dress up, eat candy, and trick or treating is always enjoyable. Hanukkah has great food, gifts, and games. Diwali is a five day Hindu festival where Hindus can celebrate their gods, and there are plenty of fun things to do during it. Eid al-Fitr is a celebration that comes after fasting, so those celebrating get plenty of amazing food, and it’s also an important religious holiday in Islam. See? Compared to these, which are only some of the major holidays out there, Thanksgiving is weak.

So, overall, Thanksgiving is awkward, unenjoyable for picky eaters like myself, celebrating colonization, and the WEAKEST of the major holidays.

The Lost Colony of Roanoke Tue, 23 Nov 2021 18:38:04 +0000 Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, and we owe one big thanks to the pilgrims who first started settlements in North America in search of freedom for future generations. To no one’s surprise, starting a life in pre-civilization North America was not easy, and the colony Roanoke is a prime example. 

Roanoke is known for being England’s first effort to colonize “The New World” and also for being the oldest unsolved American mystery. In the year 1578, 115 English settlers made a home on an island off the east coast. Facing material and help shortages, Governor John White decided to voyage back to England to replenish the colony’s supplies and up the manpower. No one could have guessed that was the last time White would ever see those 115 men, women, and children. When White finally made it to Europe, he was surprised to learn of the sour relations between Spain and England. As a result, the war caused Queen Elizabeth I to command that all ships be used to fight Spain, including White’s ship. It would not be until three years later that White finally got all of the supplies he needed and arrived back at Roanoke. 

This is where the mystery part comes into play. Upon arrival to what was once Roanoke, the settlement he had left three years prior, White failed to discover any remnants of previous inhabitants; all signs of the colony had seemingly disappeared, along with his wife, daughter, and granddaughter whom he left behind. The only clue that White and his crewmates discovered was the word “Croatoan” carved into a tree. Croatoan was a Native American group located just 50 miles south of Roanoke on a neighboring island. In an effort to find the colony, White and his crewmates attempted to sail to Croatoan three separate times; unfortunately, during each attempt, they were met with a storm that forced them to turn the ship around. Consequently, White was never able to reach Croatoan and ended up returning back to Europe. To this day, there is no evidence of what happened to Roanoke.

For over one hundred people to go missing is quite alarming and has led to the speculation of myriad theories. Some believe that the colony was attacked and looted by the Roanoke Native American tribe that inhabited the island long before the colonists, and this Roanoke Native American tribe either killed or abducted the people of Roanoke. The colonists and Natives were friendly for a period of time until relations turned hostile due to food shortages; this led to the killing of Chief Wingina. Another speculation is that the colonists left the Island for Croatoan in search of more resources and allied with a Native American tribe. Professor Mark Horton, who studies the ancient colony, suggests that “massive political eruption and disagreements and people walking out and things” could be the reason for the settlers to leave.  The colonists could have also thought that with Governor John White’s three-year extended absence he was not coming back with supplies, leaving the settlers to sail back to Europe themselves and possibly getting lost on their way… or perhaps caught in a storm at sea.

Though any one of these plethoras of theories could have been what actually happened, The Lost Colony of Roanoke remains one of the most notorious mysteries in American history. 

The Art of Gratitude Tue, 23 Nov 2021 18:36:22 +0000 Thanksgiving, by its namesake, is a holiday to give thanks. Just as Native Americans and the Pilgrims offered gratitude for peace and a bountiful harvest, we too traditionally offer thanks before we cut into the turkey and pumpkin pie. But, there is an art to gratitude. It turns out that expressing gratitude can be practiced every day of the year to support our well-being, build strong relationships, and promote our mental health. 


Expressing gratitude takes intention and time. We have to set aside mental space and create opportunities to reflect. Regardless of the focus of our gratitude, it is a skill that can be developed until it becomes second nature. And, the rewards are significant. It helps us see life through an optimistic lens. Focusing and later valuing the things that we might not recognize at first will eventually bring realization to the amount of gratefulness we can convey. John Milton, an English poet of intellect and wisdom has said that “Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.” Gratitude can correspond with mentality and improve our overall mental health. Infusing gratitude into relationships allows us to appreciate the people in our lives and helps strengthen our bonds with one another. With time and purpose, the art of gratitude can augment the joy of the life we are given. 


Rather than searching for the next best thing or the next success to make us happier, gratitude turns the spotlight of our attention onto what we already possess. Like any new skill, getting into the habit of gratitude can feel forced and unnatural.  But with practice, the benefits in our overall well-being will reinforce this fine art. So, during this holiday, enjoy all the festivity and joy the season brings, but allow space for a new habit to be cultivated; one that naturally gives thanks for a regular Monday, an ordinary Thursday, and the end-to-a-long-week Friday.